Jackson is the only model in our collection that is manufactured as individual modules allowing different configurations. Thanks to the ease of configuration of these modules, we can change the dimensions of a corner composition at any time or even add new modules in the future if we want it bigger. It has metal joining pieces that prevent the separation of the modules. The backrest cushions are individual and can be placed straight to support the head or more inclined against the backrest or on the arm.

    • Solid wood structure in pine, poplar and beech wood.
    • Seat formed by zigzag springs.
    • Backrest formed by non-deformable elastic webbing covered with soft flame retardant foam 35 kg / m3 of density
    • Ready-made non-deformable seat mat in 100% cotton poplin fabric, filled out with semi-soft flame retardant foam 50 kg / m3 density and filled out with goose down duvet compartments on the upper face.
    • Back cushions made with compartments in 100% cotton poplin fabric, filled out with goose down and silicone fiber to improve recovery.
    • Hidden behind the skirt, wheels with rubber rim that prevent scratches and facilitate movement. With brake in the front wheel.
    • Width: Multiple measures 
    • Height: 82 cms
    • Depth: 104 cms

Available in more than 400 different fabrics, grouped into 22 collections and 9 groups according to price, Fabric Group I (GTI) to Fabric Group IX (GT IX).


    The delivery time is from 6 to 8 weeks from the order confirmation.