Beta is a reinterpretation of the classic sofa nest, sofa and bed at the same time, of greater comfort and with sofa height in the seat. The seat cushion cover looks like a cushion, but for easy daily use, it is easily removed without the need to fully remove. Under the seating mattress there is a second bed for eventual use, with retractable legs and wooden slat base.

Available in fixed upholstery or fully removable version.

VERSION OF THE IMAGE: removable with slipcover, 212. FABRICS: COUNTRY 3790, COUNTRY PADS 1419


    • Solid pine, beech and particle board structure.
    • Ready-made non-deformable seat mat in 100% cotton poplin fabric, filled with 60 kg / m super soft fire retardant foam "Neropur"3 density and covered by a quilt with goose down compartments on the upper face.
    • Back cushions made with compartments in 100% cotton poplin fabric, stuffed with goose down and silicone fiber to improve recovery.


    • Width: 202, 212, 222 cms
    • Height: cms 67
    • Depth: 102 and 117 cms
    • Folded bed: 180x90 (sofa 202), 190x90 (sofas 212 and 222)


Available in more than 400 different fabrics, grouped into 22 collections and 9 groups according to price, Cloth Group I (GTI) to Cloth Group IX (GT IX).


    The delivery time is from 6 to 8 weeks from the order confirmation.

    Fixed Upholstery

    The fabric will be completely fixed to the furniture except for the cushions that will be completely removable, in the event that the chosen model has cushions. If the chosen model has the available cover option, you can order a custom made cover for your furniture in the future simply by choosing the "Cover Only" version and selecting the size of your piece and the desired fabric for your cover.

    Removable - With Slipcover

    The "Removable" version means that the piece is completely upholstered with the Capri fabric except for the loose cushions, in the event that the chosen model has cushions. A custom cover will be made in the desired fabric and it will come already placed on the sofa. The legs or wheels are visible when this cover is removed.

    Only the Slipcover

    The "Only Cover" version means that you want to add an additional cover to your order, or that you already own a piece of this model and want to buy another cover by selecting the desired sizes and fabric. The "Only Cover" version does not include the upholstered piece.